The Platform the Platform
HRServers Pro Platform

HRServers Pro is a Platform, a Backbone, a Framework

HR Master

HRServers Pro is a platform of HR Master Information Maintenance

Globalized solution

HRServers Pro is a platform of Globalized Payroll Processing

Front-end Apps

HRServers Pro is the backbone to develop unlimited number of front-end APPS


HR Servers Pro is the backbone to build complete web-based, cloud-based, or Windows-based HR/Payroll solutions


HRServers Pro is a framework to support a community of Application Developers in HR/Payroll arena


HRServers Pro is a framework to support multi-tenant type compartmentalized shared usage of HR application for SAAS mode

Added Features

HRServers Pro is a framework to build enhanced functions and features

The 5 Servers

HRServers Pro comprises of 5 Dedicated Servers

HRServers Pro is a suite of 5 integrated servers, each dedicated to a specialized area in the HR/Payroll solution. Together, these servers provide the security control, data management, HR and payroll processing, workflow, messaging and reporting services to the front-end user interface program that may be running through a web browser, a tablet, or a mobile device.


Security is centrally managed by AS, with centralized user registry for all HR, Payroll, Employee Self-service and user-defined functionalities, and can be integrated with Single Sign On options.


Data is centrally managed by DN, providing secured single point data access through API calls and Web Service calls to retrieve data and fully secured under AS. HR information database is completely encrypted using 256-byte RSA asymmetric key, so data stored in the database are already encrypted which must be decrypted only using through AS client library routines.

Inter-Server Relationships

All HR and Payroll intelligence are run by the PS, which hosts a versatile array of processing modules covering HR movements, payroll calculations, tax calculations, time and absence administration, contributions calculation etc. It also supports plugged-in and user-created modules to run as on-demand job streams, schedule job streams, or direct result calls.


Reports are managed, prepared, and distributed by RPS, based on "Report Definitions" which users can create or modify.


MSG manages all communications inter-server, server-user and workflow processing. The native mode supports built-in employee portal messaging, e-mail messaging and SMS text messaging. Plugged-in mode can further extend the communications in other modes and devices by using external modules.

The Open Architecture

Build your own HR/Payroll System

The Open Architecture of HRServers allows unlimited add-on products, user front-end programs, and user devices to connect, providing secured 2-way communications for

  • Data query and Extraction
  • Data input and Processing
  • Messaging and Workflow
Third Party Vendors may develop APPS or complete solution connected to HRServers,
  • No need to build security control
  • No need to build data management layer
  • No need to understand Localization rules and regulations
  • Just concentrate on USER FRONT-END EXPERIENCE

An Example in Seamless Data Access under HRServers Pro Platform

DNServer Schematics
  • Provides secured single point data access
  • Accepts API calls and Web Service calls to retrieve data
  • Fully secured under AS Server
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