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Co-Development Environment

The HRServers platform is a co-operative, co-development environment.

No matter you are an in-house I.T. developer, or a well-established software solution vendor, or just start up as a freelance I.T. solution integrator, you can always create customized features, or even a complete HRMS or localized payroll system based on TECHNOSOFT HRServers framework.

The beauty is you can focus on the specific front-end user-interface details and let HRServers handle the tedious jobs of system security, data management, HR workflow, and payroll localization in the background.

Co-development Envrionment
Build your own HR/Payroll System

It’s easy to build an OEM HR/Payroll System

Start with a web portal page, a mobile app page, or a Windows form, and connect to HRServers via the numerous HR Easy Web (EZWeb) web services library. Here's what you can do:

OEM Portal 1
  • Authenticate your user via AS (Authentication Server), handling access privileges and securing all HR objects, at the same time keeps audit trail and logging of user activities
  • Provide data retrieval and storage via DN (Data Node Server), ensuring integrity and security of the sensitive data without the need to know where and how they are stored
  • Allow your user to perform HR movement processes, payroll, tax, fund calculations simply by submitting their requests to the PS (Processing Server)
  • Provide standard reports, or customize special reports, and run on the RPS (Reporting Server) with on-demand selections and sorting, ready for downloading, printing, or exporting to EXCEL, PDF, or CSV file
  • Create workflows and messaging services via e-mail or SMS text messages based on the MSG (Messaging Server) on HR events, system events, or user-created events
OEM Portal 2
See live action at our OEM HR Portal site
Build your Add-on Products

Choose to develop just the bit of your expertise

Alternatively, you may choose to develop only those components or features to enhance the original solution provided by HRServers. In this area, there is no limit on what kind of add-on products or how to incorporate them into the HRServers platform, as long as you can benefit from the convenience provided or the functionality basis available, for example, you can

  • focus on specific functions or features, e.g., training management, 360° staff appraisals etc.
  • focus on specialized extensions, e.g., GPS attendance tracking, Biometric authentications etc.
  • focus on specific devices, e.g., Android, iOS mobile etc.
HRDN EZ Web Service
Joint Developments and Marketing

Let’s talk business

Independent developers or in-house I.T. may draw on the rich HRServers Microsoft .Net objects library and SOAP web services to develop features which can enhance the HRServers platform in user experience, connectivity, specialist processing or customization projects. The open architecture includes full documentation, sample codes and websites, and technical support to assist new and experienced developers.

HRServers Market Place provides a channel to publish and advertise to current and prospective HRServers users, providing versatile choices for users to select different features and extensions. These add-on products are sold and licensed by the individual developers directly.

Alternatively, marketing events such as exhibitions, seminars or promotion schemes will be organized with individual developers to market the add-on products as part of a total solution or options to be added to existing implementations.

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