Participation in EDI Developments

During the early years, major emphasis has been placed on the development of software products based on the United Nations EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards in order to facilitate electronic exchange of business documents between companies. Participation in EDI areas include:

Tradelink OPS
  • 1986 : development of TRADE HK software for Hong Kong Trade Facilitation Council, adopting UN GTDI standards
  • 1987-88 : study, design and development of testing phase GazetteNet project, linking 15 major shipping lines with shippers, for the Hong Kong Shipping Gazette magazine
  • 1988-94 : development and marketing of TECHNOSOFT ExPower/DCS EDI-oriented application software for traders, based on UN TDED (Trade Data Element Directory), UNSD (Segment Directory) and UN EDIFACT standards
  • 1988-89 : testing and trial run of ExPower/DCS software with Hongkong Telecom Intertrade EDI Value Added Network
  • 1992 : demonstration of Export Declaration and Export Licence prototype EDI messages, using our ExPower/DCS software as front-end and Hongkong Telecom Infonet, to the Trade Department, Customs and Excise, and Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong Government
  • 1992-93 : trial run of Port EDI Messages between leading shipping lines (such as "K" Lines, NYK Lines etc.) and MTL (Modern Terminals Ltd.)
Hong Kong c.1986

Hong Kong c.1986 – Technosoft was established in Hong Kong, 1986


Stepped into the late 90's, another major product, PERSYS Personnel and Payroll software, became one of our flagship products, providing HR management and Payroll solutions to many corporations, both local and multi-national, for Hong Kong as well as Asia-Pacific regional use. Subsequent additions to the series, HR2 and HR.NET, are Microsoft Windows-based solutions available under Windows XP or later and Windows Servers. Behind the streamlined and colorful user-interface, the software can also link with other Windows software through ActiveX client-server invoking or data transfer.

In 2013, a major revamping of the HR2 and HR.Net series was started, the HRServers2013, HREngine2013 and HRWeb2013, which are today further enhanced into the HRServers Pro, HREngine, and HRWeb series.


In 2015, we teamed up with CrimsonLogic, Singapore, to provide a one-step IRAS tax filing and CPF contribution submission solution directly from our software to their PAT offerings.

Now Serving Asia

Currently, there are users large and small, covering Hong Kong, Macau, China, and other South East Asia countries. Their businesses range from public services, banking and finance, trading, manufacturing and retail, transport and servicing, as well as many other business fields. The self-contained modular plug-in design makes it easier than ever to introduce new features and localization to the standard software under a harmonized user-interface and logical flow.

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